City Market 420, Dillon

City Market Breckenridge Colorado

300 Dillon Ridge Rd
Dillon, CO 80435
(970) 468-5369

Last stop of civilization before heading out west to spend a weekend. Load up on food here and skip the 3.2% beers. There's a liquor store next door with full selection of CO craft beers. The most organized City Market / King Soopers with average prices compared to Denver. Smashburger, jimmy johns, and Qdoba is also close by for a quick bite.

Thanks for completely getting rid of salad bar. The stores new Remodel took over a year and I'm bummed they removed salad bar. There are never any parking spots at lunch time.

Just called your store and store hours are listed to 11pm daily! Your nice manager said"you didn't call this store!" Oh so now I'm lying? I showed him my recent call and you think he would apologize.. NOPE!! You could be nicer and change your phone info!!

I really hate this store. First of all, it's impossible to find anything. The way they organize things makes absolutely no sense. Second, they have those stupid self checkouts that everyone hates. They're currently remodeling and instead, I wish they would use that money to hire more cashiers at a living wage. Because of this pointless remodel, they have started closing at 9 which seriously inconveniences the locals who have to work during the day. I came at 5 till 9 and they wouldn't let me in to buy one thing. They have lost my business for good. I will be going to Safeway in Frisco from now on. The only thing I like about this store is the gourmet cheese.

This store is the county's go-to grocery store for out-of-towners bedding down for a few nights at condos and the like during ski season, and it can get BUSY. But, the store manages it very well. It's a rare day when it's so busy you can't find a cart, but you can always find the food you need. And as a psuedo-local, you learn when to shop and when not to during peak season. Their produce/cheese/deli area is updated and awesome. Always fresh food, helpful staff and intuitive flow to find items. They keep the aisles well stocked and rarely will you find yourself unable to find something. Their hours are pretty convenient as well. The shopping center can get packed, especially when it snows and finding the parking lines are difficult, so be careful. This lot also serves a liquor store, a couple of restaurants, Sports Authority and a Bed, Bath and Beyond so you can literally find anything you need in this center. Be warned that you cannot wear ski boots inside. Plus, if you do, everyone will know you're a "gaper" aka tourist, so don't.

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