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325 S Main
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 453-1991

What a great place. I had always wondered about the myths and stories about absinthe. This came as a recommendation from a bartender while driving up to Breck from Denver. We were greeted by Dustin, a laid back looking, very polite guy. He answered all of our questions and was very patient. He made several recommendations which were greatly appreciated. The drinks were amazing, despite the fact that they were pricey. We would return if in the area.

It's been a few years since I've been to Absinthe Bar, but it is definitely a unique bar being that they serve absinthe. It's not only fun to watch the bartenders make the drinks, but the atmosphere is very laid back and chill. We sat at the small bar when we came here and had a nice night ordering drinks and receiving good service from the workers. If you're ever in the mood for a little something different, this is the spot.

I want to go back so badly! I tried Absinthe many years ago and the bartender helped me find that exact kind; which is really appreciate. I only had a shot of something green refreshing and delicious and it got me into a really chill mood. Don't expect anything fancy, in fact it's more like a dive bar with no lights, but it's worth the whole experiencez

This is such a cool place but they have some major issues. Service was super slow. When hubby finally got his rum & coke it had zero alcohol. Next he asked for a double and it was still pretty weak- so we fear they are watering down the liquor. Another in our group ordered an Absinthe and she didn't like it. When she explained this to server he said "yeah I don't like that one either" and wandered off - not a great resolution.

Nicole (blonde hair) seemed more experienced than the other male bartender. Come to find out she's only been at the bar THREE SHIFTS. After an annoying party came in and Nicole switched to cocktailing, she still made sure we were being taken care of. She noticed the other bartender ignoring us and immediately went back behind the bar to make us drinks. She really understands customer service. The male bartender certainly did not. Thanks Nicole for everything! (She makes really great lemon drop)

Amazing experience! First time in Breckenridge so I felt it a must to stop in here. Anita is very knowledgeable, nice fun and polite and made our experience top notch. I tried the cinnamon absinthe - I believe and it was superb. The only thing is Anita fair warmed us on the potency of the absinthe that I only had 1. It definitely gave me a body high to the point that our walk in -8 degree weather bearable. However, I could have had more than one because it wasn't very strong to me. I know she was just being pre-cautious but she's loosing out on money haha. We had a great time and we will come back next Breckenridge trip!

Really cozy place. Not too loud. Great beer list. Friendly staff.

They make a killer swamp water!! My friends loved the Marteau (house special) We will be back for sure!

What an awesome find! Largest selection of absinthe anywhere. Knowledgeable staff and a ton of fun to chat with. Will come back every trip.

This place was great! Anita and her husband were knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. It was my first time trying absinthe and Anita walked us through everything. Definitely coming back on this trip!

These guys are awesome!!! From now on it is our favorite place to go in Breckenridge! We are came from Maryland, and we are have fall in love with this place!

Totally cool experience. Lovin' the green fairy Vieux carre is very good Meadow of love nice - a fav Tennyson interesting but high gin jade, 1901 incredible! Knowledgable staff, alfonzo the owner super groovy. Good bites, novelty experience. Wide selection. Very enjoyable way to pass a mellow night with good friends sit at bar and don't look behind ya;)

Smelled like a litter box inside. Came here with a group of 6, sat down at the table and the bartender looked at us but never came over to serve. Waited for 10 minutes before deciding to try a different bar that would actually serve you drinks. Bartender seemed more interested in talking with his friends than working

So if you're looking for a drinking experience that goes against the norm I strongly suggest wandering downstairs to the Absinthe bar on main. Their obvious highlight is their incredibly vast absinthe selection, but they also have a full bar. The hospitality in this place is unbelievable. The down to earth staff was completely interactive, attentive, and helpful, but beyond that the owners are just genuinely great people. Me and my girlfriend were wasted in a closed down town Breckenrdige with no ride back to where we were staying. The owners husband then offered to take us home and got us back safe. That would never happen in Dallas!! Great drinks, great service, great atmosphere.I will be visiting this place every time I visit Breck. Go ask for Anita the owner/ service extraordinaire!!

Great personable place! Ask for the demo. Alex is the best!!! Definitely a different type a place and amazing:-) must try!

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