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170 Continental Ct
Unit 1F
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 547-4416

After years of dragging our family down to main ski shop to painfully stand in lines, threaten exhausted kids and then get average boots & skis, we finally had the recommendation of Black Tie from a friend. We will NEVER do anything other than rent from Black Tie again when we go to Copper! Easy on-line reservations, prompt arrival at our condo and the guys could not have been more friendly and helpful. And best part...we did it in under 30 minutes and never put a coat on to do it! The equipment was very high quality and even though we could have called to exchange boots, we never had to as they were the most comfortable and well fit boots we have had. Search no have found your ski rental company.

Let me start with listing the negatives: 1) I was supposed to be delivered the skis at 8:30 am on my first day. Instead, I got the skis at 9:40 am. If you are pressured on time, this may be annoying. 2) They told me they will pick up the skis at 10:00 pm on my last day. But no one picked up the skis. I called them the next day and left the skis outside my room. Hey, if they don't deliver or pick up the skis on time, why are you rating them 5 stars? Because they are very good at everything else. They are courteous and respectful. While delivering the skis, they noted their mistake, apologized and without asking, gave me a free helmet rental. After 2 days, I asked for a different pair of skis noting that my previous pair was getting sticky and they changed it for me very quickly. When I called them on my last day, they immediately apologized for not picking up on time and told me that I needn't wait for them to pick up the skis. I just left the skis outside my room. If you are not overly concerned with tardiness but just want a good pair of skis with good service, I'd recommend them.

Mostly great, but don't seem to be overly concerned with customer service (at least the one I used), the manager seemed unconcerned with the fact I was unable to use some of the equipment they delivered amongst other problems. The skis and the boots they delivered were great, and despite superficial pleasantness, but poor customer service far from worth the benefits.

Ditto on all the great comments. We used this for 8 people at our condo. This is how I rent skis from now on. Period. If you have little kids, new skiers or you just like to avoid the over all hassle of renting skis this is a no brainer.

They were awesome! Came right on time, helped all 8 of us get our gear quickly, and were very reasonably priced. They even brought me new ski poles on the mountain within 15 minutes when someone stole mine from the rack during lunch!

This place is amazing, they dropped off my gear at the condo I was staying and picked it up at the bar at the bottom of the slopes. Everyone was overly nice, customer service is alive and well at Black Tie. Skip the cattle lines of the resorts and enjoy true peace of mind.

BLACK TIE SKI RENTAL SERVICE IS AMAZING. These people were an absolute pleasure to deal with. A buddy and I were traveling to Vail and he happened to discover them and place his order first. When i called in, I said I just wanted to add to an existing order which they did with ease, all I had to was tell them my friend's name. This was really helpful since we were staying at a condo belonging to a friend of him, and I didn't have the address. Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled the day I was supposed to go to CO., causing us to lose a day on the slopes. When i spoke with someone at Black Tie they gladly offered to refund us the day, which, coming from NYC, i found to be really nice. After we arrived everything went off without a hitch. Like others said, they dropped off and fitted us at our condo, and picked the equipment up when we left it right outside our door. Also, everything worked perfectly for the duration of the trip and was in really good condition. I HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone looking to rent ski equipment in the area!

Wherever I ski if BlackTie is available I'm going to use them! They knew the time frame when I was to arrive in Breckenridge and they CALLED me. When I checked in and knew my room number they were at my room within 30 minutes to fit me. I needed to trade out skis the next day because they were too wide (I ordered them that way) & they showed up within about an hour to fit me with new skis - which worked great!! I am so impressed with their service & that they come to you. My fellow skiers who used their service were impressed also!! Others are now following in their footsteps, BlackTie you have my business!

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