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There is something quite magical about living like a local and enjoying the comforts of home when you travel. makes it easy for you to rent a house, apartment, or villa that has the right location and amenities you need for a great trip.

Booking a vacation rental directly from the owner definitely has its perks! Enjoy our unique selection of over 210, 000 properties around the world. Chose a rental home that fits your holiday plans and not the other way around. Enjoy the added privacy, comfortable living space and extra amenities you won’t find in a hotel room.

Our goal is to give you quick, simple and intuitive access to all the information you need to help choose the best vacation rental to meet your needs. Our detailed search options and interactive map function make it easy to narrow down your search so you view only the properties that match your travel requirements so you don’t have to waste time with the ones that don’t.

We want you to feel confident in your choice of accommodations, which is why we include up-to-date photos, detailed descriptions and a full list of amenities with every property we list. We know there will be questions and concerns along the way so we put you directly in contact with the world’s best person to answer you – the property owner or their agent.

If you have questions about a property ask the owner – that's what the form is for. If you have questions about RentByOwner ask us, that’s what the email and phone numbers are for. Start your search now and let us show you just how easy it is to rent a vacation home, directly from the property owner.

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