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Breckenridge Grocery stores

311 S Ridge Rd
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 453-2398

Close to Main Street (literally the next street over) so it's convenient. Mostly organic, decent selection of food items, and a little overpriced. If you need big time groceries, I'd go to an actual grocery store catering to your every whim. If picking up selected items, some produce, milk and cereal for your hotel or condo, it works

Long hair guy with a beanie is extremely rude, very arrogant. Avoid liquor store, by FAR the worst customer service. Horrible attitude. Prices are way too high. Employees are always cursing and talking nonsense. The worst liquor store in summit county.

nice but no price on a nice christmas tree i saw. I mosyed on over and there was no price to be found

Avoid the liquor store. The bearded boy has a crappy attitude. There are lots of other liquor stores.

Decent grocery store, and nice to have around when you don't want to pay $8 for a bottle of hotel water, given it's surprisingly reasonable prices. Has a liquor store next door. I could totally have found a meal there. Has a liquor store connected next door, I guess Colorado is strict about selling booze. It's on a residential street behind Main Street, so don't worry and keep going up to Ridge.

This was a nice store with a wide variety of products. The prices were a bit high, but I guess one can expect that in a tourist town. I wish we'd had time to try a smoothie because they looked delicious!

Convenient, friendly staff. Small but sufficient. The smoothies are nice, and the hot sandwiches are great!

The employees were very rude to us when we asked for their help, one said that they had too many customers to deal with us, the cashier was just awful. It is just horrible to live in a town where you get treated like this when you are trying to shop local.

This grocery store is awesome!! The store has been recently renovated has all the supplies you need . Do not bother going to City market for you basics their prices are lower than City market and less crowded. They even had my favorite yogurt there and local Colorado roasted Coffee! I cannot say enough about this place a great gem hidden off Main Street.

This was an utterly mediocre, overpriced grocery store. We walked here one evening because it was close to our condo, but with the benefit of hindsight I wish we'd driven to the City Market instead. I know that Breckenridge is a ski town and prices will be high, but even by local standards this place was a rip-off. The quality of their food was pretty sad as well, especially their produce. The liquor store next door wasn't bad though.

Very convenient, WAAAAAAY over priced. Go to City Market.

I think a bunch of boarding bums got together and asked each other, "What should we do when were not boardin', brah?" The response was a unanimous, "Let's open a store!". Such is the atmosphere and vibe of Food Kingdom. This is a great place to grab some snacks, groceries, or supplies if you are in Breck. Want to cook dinner for yourself one night on your vacay? This is your market.

This is the best thing I found since we got tired eating at overpriced and poor tasting food at the restaurants. From cold medicine to beer and magazine. We we so glad we found this place.

Pretty good selection for a convenience store. Oh wait, it's bigger than a convenience store. Yay! But wait, the prices are high. Awww. Sorry but, fail. Liquor store next store: win, but prices still a little high so go to City Market and neighboring liquor mart for the deals.

and.they sell sleds and have a built in liquor store. 2 obvious bonuses. brah.

I wish there was a way to give zero stars for this grocery store. I went there with my mother who purchased three items. At the register she had a twenty pulled out to hand to the cashier who then informed her it was 21 dollars exactly. For some apple juice almonds and tea. She pulled out another twenty because all she had was twenties and was given 11 dollars and some change. She asked for the receipt and he gave her a funny look but finally handed it over. The receipt said 8.29. She immediately told him that he had given the incorrect amount of change to which he replied that she had given him 21 dollars not forty!!! Why would she give him anything over a 20??? We spoke to zach the manager who assured us that his cashiers would never steal. That cashier set it up to easily pocket 20. Management was no help at all. The sad thing is the people ahead of us were told they needed to pay exactly fifty dollars and they paid with cash as well but did not ask for a receipt. Don't go here unless you enjoy getting ripped off. We always shop here on vacation but never again!!! Go to food city where you can actually see what they are ringing up. We requested owners or regional management info and they refused to give it.

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Breckenridge Grocery
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