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Breckenridge Grocery

311 S Ridge St
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 453-2398

This grocery store/liquor store is amazing! The people here are super friendly super helpful. It beats going to Walmart or any other grocery store nearby Breckenridge if you're visiting and you want to get something to drink, this is the perfect place! The guy at the liquor store is bad a**!!!

Grocery Store was fine, but holi cow - the manager or owner of the liquor store is the biggest jerk off in the world. Fire that a-hole - such a rude jerk. I'll never go back here again.

I've Never been so disrespected in my entire life. I went in trying to buy alcohol while some little kids behind me tried buying liquor. They happened to have a fake ID and they kicked me out while I was the first in line at the register. They started threatening my life while I had nothing to do with these kids. I got screamed at by the kid with long blonde hair and some random dude that was on the customer side of the counter that threatened to kill me if I didn't leave. I left and called the cops. I can't even believe this...I've been coming here constantly over the years, but this crossed the line.

Market was nice. Liquor store has a good selection but way overpriced and extremely rude. I definitely will not go back there.

The only reason I gave this place 2 stars is because I love the grocery store. Yes, it gets busy during rush and they can run out of stock but they carry great, organic and local products. The employees in the grocery store are almost always friendly and helpful. If I could rate them separately, the grocery store would get 5 stars. I would give the liquor store 0 stars. I am not sure why they are always rude and condescending to their customers but they are, consistently. I split my time between Denver and Breck so I have visited this place quite often. Their beer and wine selection is decent (at best) and they are the closest liquor to our house, but I walk further and pay more to support other businesses who are kind and respectful to their customers. If I owned this business I would be appalled by the liquor store employees' behavior. Finding employees who greet customers with a smile and are courteous can't be that difficult. Finally, the recent renovation has made the place feel even smaller, skip this spot and head to the Liquor Shed or any other spot in town.

My family stayed in Frisco recently, and my dad and I headed down to Breckenridge (I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a tetanus booster, while my dad was picking something up for my mom). There was no parking on Main, so we branched off to the side streets and parked in the lot for Breckenridge Market and Liquor while my dad ran to the store. Not wanting to use the lot without buying something from the store, I walked in. It's got a nice local feel, with an interior that's perfectly sized, clean, and welcoming. I walked around the aisles, noting that there was a great selection at good prices. After deciding to get some Reed's Ginger Ale, I checked out. The cashier was unenthusiastic, but not rude. A great experience overall.

Good selection tucked away in the neighborhood. Not the cheapest prices you will find, but you are in Breckenridge.

Man, I wish I knew Breckenridge Market and Liquor existed sooner on our trip. This grocery store is great. It's a small, neighborhood grocery with local, specialty, and everyday products. We picked up some great bread made in Boulder, red-skinned bananas, root beer milk (with a glass deposit, so... return your glass), and farm-fresh dairy. You can even pick up a disk sled or standard plastic sled for $6.99 to take over to the hill near Carter Park. It was fun just walking around the store to look at what they had. At the deli, you can get sliced meat and cheeses or you can get a made-to-order sandwich for lunch. There is a nice, basic salad bar, decent sandwich menu, and an adorable wooden bar to eat you lunch while people-watching out the window. Each staff member we interacted with was friendly and helpful. If you are visiting Breckenridge, I recommend getting food products here at Breckenridge Market and Liquor and getting toiletries at City Market (some non-food products are pretty pricey).

Wow, dudes at the liquor store are real douches. Tried to make small talk and they were snappy. Not a good experience on our first day in Breckenridge. At least the selection is good.

The Breckenridge Market and Liquor was really the only liquor store we found while in Breckenridge this past December. It actually feels more higher end, given that it is a liquor. Either that or the liquors I've gone to back home are just ridiculously ghetto. It even carried some San Diego beers which I was quite excited about as a local. This one is convenient as it's adjacent to the grocery store exit. They share a wall and an entrance/exit corridor, so it's convenient to hit up after some grocery shopping.

The sandwich I had was not very good. The guy that made it was a reasonable human being, but the sandwich just wasn't tasty or well-constructed. I'm sticking with Duggan's Deli.

Excellent little supermarket! Not as big and impersonal as City Market and much larger than Local Market, if I lived in Breck this would be my go to place. I was blown away by the variety of gluten free items they have in stock, it's the biggest selection of g/f products I've ever seen in any supermarket (that's quite impressive for a quiet little mountain town!).

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