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The town of Breckenridge flourished in the late 19th century as Colorado’s prime gold mining town. Today, it is one of the largest ski resorts in Colorado attracting visitors from all over the world to its fabled mountains.

Known for offering up terrain for skiers of all levels, Breckenridge boasts stellar ski instructors and gentle slopes, as well as intermediate trails and heart-stopping double black diamonds for advanced skiers. Because of its high altitude (almost 4, 000 meters/13, 000 feet of summit elevation), some visitors may need time to acclimate.

Breckenridge’s historic downtown is quaint and has a wide variety of shops, restaurants and après ski spots. Families are well catered to with ice skating, sledding, a children’s museum, family-friendly restaurants and plenty of warm-weather activities.

To get to this resort town, fly into Denver International Airport, then take a car or coach two hours to Breckenridge.

Breckenridge climate

Breckenridge is a mountain town, and sudden weather changes are possible any time of year. The area typically features cooler air at higher elevations and warmer conditions at the base of its mountains. Wind and clouds can have a big impact on how chilly the air feels. Breckenridge receives plenty of snowfall November through March, with ski season usually beginning in early November. Keep in mind the high altitude brings stronger sun and the potential for altitude sickness; wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!Temperatures reach a high of about 2 C (35 F) November through March, but they can also dip to about -17 C (0 F) during that time. Slightly warmer weather sets in April through June. Temperatures hover around 21 C (70 F) from June to September.

When to fly to Breckenridge

Peak season:

Ski season is peak season in Breckenridge. December through March is the busiest time when crowds of skiers come to hit the slopes. June through August can be busy, too, as the weather is often sunny and warm during these months and outdoor activities are plentiful.

Off season:

May through October is considered the off season in Breckenridge, as most visitors come for the ski season (November through April). If you’re looking for a ski deal, aim for the beginning or end of the ski season.

Getting around Breckenridge

Various shuttles and buses offer transportation from the airport to the resort with a journey time of about two hours. Chartered buses are also available for groups. Breckenridge is fairly walkable with many of the accommodations and attractions all within walking distance of the ski area or downtown, but a free shuttle system also operates in the area.

Breckenridge insider information

  • Movie buffs won’t want to miss rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s biggest directors and actors at the Breckenridge Festival of Film, which takes place in September.
  • Take a break from skiing and visit the Breckenridge Gallery, which has a good selection of contemporary art. Or for a taste of some local flavour, the Arts Alive Fine Art gallery features artwork by local artists.
  • Have dinner in a 1930s Colorado ranch – Keystone Ranch. The superb restaurant serves a delicious five-course dinner.

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