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Best Summer Resort with Outdoor Pool for kids

Sorry for whats basically a double post, but I'm running out of runway to book something.

Going to be in Colorado next week and plan to spend at least half the time in Breckenridge. Have 2 kids (6 and 9) and would like a resort with a really nice outdoor pool. We intend to do the mine tour, rafting, hiking, biking, etc, but my kids are going to want to swim a lot and I'd much rather be outdoors with a nice pool than indoors.

Initially I was going to book One Ski Hill place, as the reviews and suites looked terrific, but the indoor pool kinda turns me off. Other options were the marriott, mountain thunder but not sure what to do. Budget is about $275 a night.

Because we're going to be there a week, we're planning on heading down to Colorado Springs for a few days. The Broadmoor looks booked (was my first pick based on pools). If you have any suggestions there for nice outdoor pools, I'd appreciate it.

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