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Breckenridge Ski Resort elevation

Last Updated: 2/21

10780ft 13050ft 2270ft 1.5mi 125ac 7880ft 12510ft 4406ft 5.3mi 658ac 8100ft 11440ft 3340ft 2mi 680ac 9600ft 12998ft 3398ft 3.5mi 540ac

Last Updated: 2/22

10400ft 11700ft 1300ft 1mi 0ac 9703ft 12313ft 2601ft 1.7mi 364ac 9100ft 12162ft 3062ft 2.6mi 297ac

Last Updated: 2/20

10050ft 10650ft 600ft 0.4mi N/A 9200ft 10800ft 1600ft 3mi 680ac 6696ft 7136ft 440ft 6mi 25ac 9280ft 12408ft 3128ft 3.5mi 662ac 10800ft 13010ft 2210ft 2mi 160ac 10790ft 11952ft 1162ft 1mi 0ac 8200ft 9850ft 1650ft 1.5mi 21ac 8793ft 10822ft 2029ft 1.3mi 250ac 10400ft 13487ft 3087ft 1.5mi 0ac 8202ft 9202ft 1000ft 0.6mi 170ac 6900ft 10568ft 3668ft 3mi 375ac 7885ft 9895ft 2010ft 2.5mi 21ac 8725ft 13150ft 4425ft 4.6mi 220ac 8120ft 11570ft 3450ft 4mi 461ac 9000ft 12060ft 3060ft 4.6mi 299ac 10300ft 11904ft 1604ft 2mi

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Breckenridge Ski Resorts
Breckenridge Ski Resorts

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