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Breckenridge, Colorado Population

The following table provides an overview of the distribution of the permanent resident population in Summit County. These population numbers are based on U.S. Census data and annual population estimates prepared by the State Demography Office in the Colorado Division of Local Government.

Incorporated Areas
1, 285
2, 408
4, 540 4, 887
Blue River
849 887
1, 221
1, 601
2, 443
2, 683
2, 827
1, 768
3, 196
3, 887
4, 116
1, 609
3, 595
5, 707
9, 576
12, 928
13, 723
Unincorporated Areas
Lower Blue Basin
2, 533
4, 592
3, 672
3, 820
Snake River Basin
1, 765
4, 187
6, 726
6, 998
Ten Mile Basin
1, 292
1, 344
Upper Blue Basin
2, 344
4, 356
3, 376
3, 513
1, 056
5, 253
7, 174
13, 972
15, 066
15, 676
Summit County Total
2, 665
8, 848
12, 881
23, 548
27, 994
29, 399

1The 1970 - 2010 population numbers are based on U.S. Census data.
2The 2014 population is based on the most recent population estimates published by the State Demographer.

Summit County has recently exceeded a permanent resident population of 29, 000. This is a 24.8% increase in full-time residents since 2000. Approximately 53% of the permanent residents in the county live in unincorporated areas (properties located outside of town boundaries). The County's Snake River Basin has become the most populated of the unincorporated areas, primarily due to the increased permanent resident population in the Summit Cove and Dillon Valley neighborhoods (currently the two largest and most densely populated neighborhoods in unincorporated Summit County). Among the incorporated towns, the permanent resident population of Breckenridge has increased most dramatically since 2000, growing by approximately 103% (2, 479 residents).

The most recent population estimate released by the State Demographer indicates that, as of July 2014, the permanent resident population of Summit County was 29, 399, with an unincorporated county population of 15, 676. This represents a 5% increase in permanent residents from the 2010 Census. The State Demography Office estimates population in arrears as of July 1 of each year (e.g., the 2015 population estimate will be released by the State Demographer in 2016).

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