The Arbors at Breckenridge

Arbors at Breckinridge

The Arbors at Breckenridge is the third apartment complex I've lived in (I'm a young, single professional), and the first in a large city (suburb of Atlanta). It is also the first one I have ever renewed a lease at.
- Very reasonable fees for trash, water (same every month based on number of persons living there), etc.
- Quiet neighborhood. "Courtesy" Officer that ensures quiet during the night for a good night's sleep (I have yet to be kept awake by outside noise). There is a fire station close by though, and if you have an apartment close to the street (it's a large complex) like I do, you will occasionally hear the fire trucks leaving, though I have never been woken up by them (though I am a deep sleeper).
- One time fee (does not even renew every year) for exercise room with aerobic and weight lifting equipment of $50.
- Cheap move-in deposits (not even a full month's rent)
- One time pet deposits (no monthly charges), though its not cheap ($300 for my cat). Certain dog breeds with bad reputations are not allowed, however.
- Free weekly pest control spraying if you want it - but even better i haven't had to request it yet.
- Pool access
- Regular community activities (brunches, pool parties, etc)
- Recently renovated community spaces (though I hated the noise Saturday mornings during remodeling) - I LOVE the new chairs under the pavilion (with ceiling fans!) for working on my writing (and a heater for the cool months), as well as fire pits, gas grills, tennis court, volleyball net.
- If you have kids (I don't), it appears the bus actually comes inside the complex (at least for elementary) to pick them up, which I'm sure makes parents feel more at ease
- Most of the staff are helpful and courteous, though like always there are a few you learn to avoid, but also some that are especially helpful you learn to ask for because they make things happen.
- Some of the kitchen appliances are outdated, and they are very hesitant to upgrade them
- There are two men that might respond to a maintenance request - one is really good, the other one I'm not sure knows which end of the hammer is for hitting the nail. I'm not going to name which is which on here - but you'll quickly learn after your first request!
Overall, I'm very happy. I looked around for a cheaper place when my first year ended, but couldn't find one in a safe neighborhood at a better price that didn't have universally horrible reviews, though I did find many that were much more $$.

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