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Park at the Beaver Run lot. Ride east out of the parking lot and 1/2 mile up the access road. Pass the Beaver Run Superchair, then the lower Superconnect lift terminal. The Wanderer Trail begins on the left side of the access road in a right switchback 500' further.

Wanderer begins in the forest before dropping down to a drainage in an open meadow. This section of trail is a bit primitive. Just follow the drainage uphill. The trail passes through two intersections with horse trails used for ski area pack tours. Be alert for horses. Wanderer switches back then climbs back to the access road.

Go left up the road to the Ten Mile Station restaurant. Turn right towards the restaurant and take the left forking road passing above it. Look for a "Sunday Worship Services" sign on the left side of the road and the continuation of the Wanderer singletrack just beyond the sign. Wanderer enters the forest between two ski trails before again climbing to the access road after a short distance.

Go right and climb the access road a short distance. At a long fence line on the right of the access road, Wanderer continues. From this point to the Supperconnect, mid-load station Wanderer is pretty easy to follow. Just continue across any intersecting road, and at the two trail junctions to the right. Upon reaching the mid-load station, descend to another access road in Sawmill Gulch and turn left, up the drainage.

Climb the steep access road for about 1/4 mile to the continuation of Wanderer singletrack on the right hand side of the road. Climb to the top, and end of Wanderer on the 4 O'clock ski run. Cross the run, and ride to a three-way trail intersection with the Swinger singletrack. Go left, climbing steadily.

At the fourth switchback, there is another three-way intersection where the Swinger and Pioneer trails diverge. Go left onto Pioneer as it is the less frequented of the two trails by lift-users. Pioneer switches back a number of times. At the first switchback, pass the Edge Trail (a connection to Frosty's trail). Ride through three more switchbacks and then ride right at the next trail intersection (there is a short wooden bridge to the left).

Ride this crossing trail passing the top of Swinger on the right. Turn left, uphill at the next intersection with Dwight's, bearing north towards the top of the Rocky Mountain Superchair. At the access road, continue right (north) to the bottom of the T-Bar.

At the T-Bar, look for the Game Trail singletrack beginning to the north. Descend Game Trail, crossing an access road. At the bottom of Game Trail, cross another access road onto Dwight's and continue towards the base area.

Just before the final descent into the base area, look for a singletrack on the left, just above the Ski Watch condominiums. The singletrack enters the trees above the condos, crosses a boardwalk then intersects the uphill end of Ski Watch Drive. Look for the Peaks Connect singletrack due north, adjacent to the wetlands. Take this singletrack to another access road. At the first switchback in the access road, take a singletrack on the right to the Peaks Trail, then turn right to the trailhead.

Cross the road, turn left and look for the Toad Alley singletrack on the east side of Ski Hill Road. Turn right and follow Toad Alley to Shock Hill trail. Turn left along the meadow on Shock Hill trail. Look for a singletrack spur on the right. Take this up to an overlook. Continue northeast around Shock Hill to Pence Miller trail.

Descend to the Skyway Skiway, turn right and climb to 4 O'clock trail. Turn left and descend over a bridge. Turn hard right, back uphill and look for a narrow asphalt path in the bushes on the south side of the trail that passes between two condos. Take this south and cross 4 O'clock Road to Primrose Path (road) and ride this back to the parking lot.

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