Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Bubba Gump Shrimp Breckenridge

1437 California St
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 623-4867

Amazing Food. Excellente, but slow service, prices high. They shud also give you way more food for the High Price that you pay. That would certainly draw a better crowd. Food is Great though and so are drinks. Up to you.

I typically don't like going to restaurant chains, but on request of a group of friends I reluctantly went. And still, Bubba Gump did not cease to disappoint. I hate tearing down a business, but I feel that it's entirely necessary for everyone to hear my experience so nobody else falls into the same trap. The food was expensive, and the service was very poor. The waiter didn't take any notes, and ended up taking down one of my friends orders incorrectly 3 times. Ultimately they ended up comping her a bucket of fries about 45 minutes later after everyone else had finished. I don't know, but that seems boarder line insulting. After all of this hassle, the food was overcooked...but then cold, which is a peculiar problem to have. The manager came out to apologize and we were on our way, never to return. Fortunately, my group of friends now has to agree on places to eat to avoid this sort of nonsense. Don't walk away. Run forest, run.

I'm here in Denver for a Young Living conference and I saw Bubba Gumps and really wanted to eat lunch there. So on our break (1 1/2 hr) we walked over. My mouth was watering for some seafood. We were taken to our table sat down and waited for our server. He came over gave each of us a menu and took our drink order. He then left to put in the order and promptly came back to take our food order. I asked him what would he suggest from the menu and he seemed knowledgeable on the choices. He took our order and left. It took approximately 20 min. to get our drinks and we actually had to flip the plate to "Stop Forest Stop" to get any attention. So he brought over our drinks and said our food should be coming in just a few minutes. Over 40 min. we still had no food. Someone came to our table so we could explain the situation but after we did she, for the most part, just stood there looking at us. We then told her (as we were getting up leaving) that they needed to cancel the order because we had no time to eat. I was really looking forward to eating there, I LOVE seafood and was completely disappointed with the service or basically the lack of service that we were given.

This review started out with two stars because the service was super slow tonight with no excuse and ticket times more than a half hour wait, but the manager on shift, Becky, was very accommodating and checked on my meal ASAP. When she found out my wait time, she went to the kitchen to check on my meal, brought it out herself, apologized, and accommodated me. Becky also spoke with her staff about the ticket times. She really took initiative with a friendly attitude. A real "ACE" manager if you ask me. Bar staff was also nice and worked together to get people's requests in. As for the food, delicious, love the Mahi Mahi with shrimp and mashed potatoes. I added sautéed spinach to the meal. Yum. Also the Deep Eddy Cranberry Mule is delicious!

Never going here again, rude wait staff, inexperienced, managers could care less about Resturant efficiency. I even heard one manager say something racist to me and a friend as we were leaving. Save your money and go somewhere else, for the overpriced frozen food you will buy here you can go to a sandwich shop and save yourself the hassle of finding no where to park. -Forest would be so sad :/

Amazing food. Amazing times. It was a memorial experience. Played trivia with the servers. The staff is wonderful and the food was on time. Such a good place with a great atmosphere.

I came here with my sister co-workers (doctors). We came down to Denver for a presentation at the convention center. The food was good. The service was accommodating.

There is nothing healthy about this but my husband and I love it! This was where we chose for Valentine's day dinner! We started off with the popcorn shrimp, best appetizer ever! My husband ordered the fish and chips and I had he bucket of boat trash.you will never be disappointed! Ample portion of the fish and chips, you won't be able to eat it all. The breading on the shrimp and fish is so good and the seasoning on the peel and eat shrimp, crab is perfect with perfect spice! So many different things to try and do much fun too!

The small, microwaved, hockey puck of a steak wasn't worth 23 bucks... Be warned, the food may leave you sad faced...

So this was my first time and I loved it, I must state that our waitress was amazing she was part polish and Russian and 100% awesome. Great recommendations and fast service with drinks and food. The flavor of sauces that come with the shrimp take compliments to a new level. The scenery is very rustic and it's a great family p like ace to eat, the noise level is a medium and the food was really well prepared, the hush puppies were a big durprise, not your run of the mill for sure. I'll definitely go back.

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