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Breckenridge Pizza

200 N Main St
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 453-2802

Wow! The reviews on this place are all over the board. For our group of 4, this was an okay place to get some pizza and grab a beer. We were exploring Breck and kind of just wandered in here in the afternoon. They had seating available. Service was okay. Beer was cold. The pizza was actually very good. I'd go back.

FALSE ADVERTISING ON VEGAN PIZZA: My son has a Dairy Allergy which I stressed on the phone when I placed the order. My son got IMMEDIATELY SICK of the contamination of dairy products in their pizza. Vegan Food for us is not a "lifestyle", it's about "life" for us. This incident could have easily killed a person if they weren't equipped with Benadryl & Epi Pen like we were. I pray the people that run this place never have a scare with their kid! I can't believe I have to give them 1 star to be able to publish my comment. #lifeordeath

Well tried 3 times to order pizza via phone when we were in town as their website wouldn't take orders with credit cards.., all I got was a voice mailbox saying to was full ... Definitely need to work on their phone system. Guess Domino's will have to work.

This is a chain, and the pizza is about what you would expect from a chain. It's not bad, but not worth going out of your way for either. It is not "real" pizza in the sense that the crust is a sort of sugary, doughy breadstick consistency.

Oh yeah, this place rocked! Great menu - lots of choices. We had the Railroad Grade and Kickin' Chicken pizzas - true tomato taste in the sauce and great flavor mix. Service was great- warm and helpful. Atmosphere is a little tired, but the food was da bomb!

I don't know ow why this place has such a low review. I have been here 5 times and each time we have had a large group and it has been AMAZING!!! One of my favorite pizza places in Colorado. We always get a meat lovers pizza and it's out in a flash. The service has always been great and friendly. The food like I said is awesome and super flavorful. I dont know where these other people ate but where I was it was great. I come here every single time I am in Breckenridge.

With a name like Extreme Pizza, I was expecting the pizza to be EXTREME. The pizza was good, don't get me wrong, but it was very basic. Our waitress, Emily, was the best! She was very sweet and helped us to the best of her abilities. If you're looking for great customer service & well pizza, this is the place to go!

Mediocre. Tastes like Tyson chicken. My Tostitos pizza was better. Understaffed. Slow service. Go wait an hour somewhere else or stay home.

Good pizza but consistently poor service. Our friends got Extreme earlier in the night (dine-in) and warned us about the long wait. We decided to order it for delivery since we had just arrived in town, and they advertised easy online ordering. Their website was difficult to navigate, and once we built our entire pizza, the site prompted us to call with credit card information since they were having issues with their payments processor. However, once we called they mentioned that they don't even deliver after 9 pm, so we had to order it for take out. Once we finally picked up the pizza, we had to wait an extra 20 minutes over the estimated pick up time. They said the pizza had just been put in the oven, which we ordered over an hour prior. Really a strange experience, considering that the people in the shop weren't particularly nice or apologetic. They also left off a couple of toppings we requested and paid for (green peppers and onions). Good pizza though!

We ate here with a group of 8 early, 10:30 one morning after a long trip from Denver. Pizza was great with excellent service. Try the Yard Sale. Homemade pizza, not a chain store.

We got here by chance, since all the restaurants in town were packed (including this one) and we really wanted Pizza. We were 8 and the host was really struggling to fit us in but it was tougher than it looked. He asked for 25 min and after 20 we were sitted. What a great attitude of a person. The Pizza was delicious, but it might have taken a lil' bit too long to come, but again, the place was packed. I insist in 4 stars since I know what I was looking for, a nice, simple pizza place... And so it was.

Worst pizza I've ever had. Paid $20 for a basic cheese pizza that was dripping with grease...I've had better pizza from Chucky Cheese please don't go here.

OMG. had the best pizza delivered from Extreme that we've had in a very long time! We don't normally get delivery, but we were exhausted from a brilliant day of fun in Breck, so we decided to treat ourselves. And, when we gave our address and the girl taking our order realized we were just across the street, she completely understood when I said "yeah, i know, but." So, in about 30 minutes, a fresh, piping hot pizza made to perfection was delivered to the weary travelers' door. Ours included homemade tomato sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, roasted red peppers, basil, garlic and mozzarella with a side of extra tomato sauce (I can never get anyone to put enough sauce on the pizza - so this is my work-around) :) Thanks, Extreme, for making two very tired people very happy on a busy Saturday night!

Great, vast menu! Our pizza came out wicked fast for our party of 5. (We all had different pizzas). Service was good, and everyone loved what they ordered. Pizza was fresh and hot! Very casual place, and a good go-to for pizza while in Breck!

So delicious! We had a cheese pizza, and the railroad grade pizza as well as twisted stix. All of it was amazing! The service was ok but it was understaffed, not their fault so much.

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