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Review: One of my favorite Breck trails. I usually ride from Breckenridge to Frisco and take the bus back. It's more or less downhill that way, makes it easier for anyone like me not used to the altitude. Nothing too technical, not too much climbing, but a really fun fast trail if riding south to north.
Review: Pretty fun trail. Did it as out and back. Nothing super technical, although I did have to walk a few sections... Review: Awesome ride, but challenging for an old geeez. Took me a hour and twenty five to Frisco. I will definitely take GH next time. I rode my hard tail with no prob but would like to have my full susp next time. A little muddy in spots and a lot of roots.
Review: What a fun trail! I rode this from Breck to Frisco and back. Climbing ranges from easy to difficult, especially for sea level riders who are too impatient to acclimate. Riding downhill has nice flow and just enough technical features to keep it interesting. The trail is quite wide, especially at the lower elevations, probably due to the hikers. This allows you to choose some interesting lines. The only real negative is the fact that the trail is multi-directional and the aforementioned hikers. These obstacles can make it hard to get into a good downhill rhythm. Ride early in the day, during the week to avoid this issue.
Review: This was my first Breckenridge area MTB trail and it absolutely did not disappoint. The trailhead is located past the peak 7 (Independence Chairlift) which can be accessed by riding between the lift and grand lodge on peak 7 resort. The beginning of the trail in this direction was pretty rocky and you quickly get a taste of what's to come. The climbs are no extremely long however some of them are what I would consider moderately technical. I did dismount twice during the ride. Most of the climbing comes early on and you are rewarded with some fabulous relatively smooth single track at the higher elevation then begin a LONG and super fun/smooth decent down to Frisco. The trail is really smooth/fun and you are able to let you hand off the brake as much as you want. I only recall one area that the downhill section was a bit rough. I'm excited to get out and do this trail again soon now that I'm familiar with it.
Review: This was my first time mountain biking, and after this I was definitely spoiled when returning to Wisconsin. The trail is nice and winding with some awesome descents, and stunning scenery all around. Being my first time, it took a little while for me to get accustomed to the bike and terrain, but it was not too much of a challenge for a beginner. I can see the trail having the capacity to be challenging if you don't just wail on the brakes like myself. I had a blast, and this trail has set me up for a lifetime of mountain biking. Do yourself a favor and try it out!

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